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Nodding and Smiling

Since I was 17 I had reoccuring ear infections which were without a doubt, one of the worst pains in my life. Especially when more than one part of the ear was infected such as the middle and inner ear. The doctor would give me hardcore painkillers because it was so excruciating.

I later found out I had a conditioned called Surfer’s ear and while I lived in San Diego, I never actually surfed or went into the water so I was always bitter about the irony. Eventually, hearing in my left ear got worse and worse and by age 40 it was almost impossible to hear what people were saying with my left ear only. In my right ear it was still possible to make out normal decibel level conversation, but I had to focus a bit because if I was distracted I would miss what was said, feel super embarrassed that I ask people to repeat themselves constantly, and nod and smile to play it off like I heard them.

My best friend Vicky was one of those fitness nutritional freaks and she was 54… Vicky was 10 years my senior. I was more of a computer nerd so I had a layer of fat surrounding my body and enjoyed my pizza nights where I’d devour an entire pizza and rinse it down with 2 liters of soda. Basically, I was fat and out of shape but I felt like I had an excuse because of my poor hearing.

Vicky one time said something to me that I wanted to say, “What?” to so badly, but as I was embarrassed about my poor hearing and too stubborn to get a hearing aid due to the stigma of being hard of hearing and the condescending feeling of people yelling at you very slowly as if you’re a 2 year old or mentally handicapped, I nodded and agreed.

A week later I received a wake up call at 4 am asking where I am and inquiring about my future punctuality because if I was going to be late, she said it was going to work against our 365 day commitment. We needed discipline, she reminded me. The next day I was in my head and neck doctor’s office asking about hearing aids, because I apparently committed to training for an “ironman triathlon.”

I no longer felt embarrassed about being hard of hearing and I welcome Vicky’s conversational tone…

“Yes, Vicky, I can hear you! I’m not slow please stop!”

An Intriguing Floor

I entered a train station once and took little notice of the floor except that it was clean and shined. A restaurant above was where a business meeting was going to take place between myself and a member of a local environmentally friendly company. They wished me to switch to purchasing recycled materials and forgo my usual supplier.

I took a series of escalators to a top floor and met the individual. He had already selected an area where we would speak and have a meal. We talked a little bit and then he asked me to look down towards the station’s entrance.

What immediately caught my eye was the floor was a mosaic of various images constructed in such a way the pedestrians became part of it. He told me, “it’s made of my recycled glass media.”

I switched suppliers.

Have Fun Being Creative

I discovered this great novel program called circus workshops when I was trying to find a different way to get my kids up and moving. My son especially is not big on physical fitness and would rather sit on the couch all day if you let him. I had to find something he would really enjoy to get him moving and off the couch.

This program offered a unique way for my kids to learn about the performing arts will give them to be physical. It helped teach them about teamwork and respect. What I loved the most is it God my daughter to try new things. She was always the one that would hang back because she was afraid to fail.

The lesson was geared toward to group’s abilities and preferences. Everyone could keep up because they followed the pace of the group as well. The entire family participated and we all had a great time learning and playing together.

Unique ideas for gatherings

When planning a wedding there are many ways to celebrate the coming together of two families for one union. One idea that many people forget about but wished they had chosen to do are including wedding fireworks at the end of “I do”.

By having fireworks included in your wedding you are sure to entertain all of your guest, especially the children who may be in attendance. Many times weddings are boring for children, who may feel bored, and as though they have no entertainment..

When choosing the best fireworks for your wedding, you should consider getting fireworks that are the same theme or colors as your wedding. For example, if you have all pink and brown purchase fireworks that light up only in these designated colors.

Having fireworks is a unique way to celebrate the beginning of your lifetime together with the one you love!

Creating privacy for your outdoor play time

Some parents, myself included, worry about allowing our kids outside to play alone. Even playing in the back garden, if you don’t have a wall or screen your kids can attract the attention of people who may want to harm them. That’s why my husband and I decided we were going to create a private and safe space for our kids to play. Away from the prying eyes of strangers. The use of green screensdid that for us in no time.

A green screen is nothing more than an instant hedge that can be purchased at many garden centers. We chose purple beech trees that we planted all the way around our back garden. We chose them tall enough to already give some privacy, but they had grown and thickened in just a few weeks that our kids were soon able to play outside in complete privacy and safety.

Giving is a Choice

Giving money to any one of the hundreds of thousands of charities that are registered in the UK is a choice that many of us make but what influences our choices and why do so many charities fair better than others?

These are the questions I continually ask myself. I choose to donate some of my hard earned money to just two charities. One is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier rescue because I love the breed so much and have always owned one, and the other is a cancer research group because my father died of cancer just three years ago.

It would seem that many of the most prosperous and successful charities have been successful at securing a brand name that almost everyone recognises and are therefore able to advertise themselves far more widely than the smaller, independent charities.

It also appears (certainly giving my choice of charity and the reasons behind it) that people in general give to charities that have a direct connection with their own personal circumstances.

Be Fit and Feel Fantastic

Now it’s time to get fit and lose those ugly, unnecessary pounds. I am going to start an exercise program first and try to watch what I eat. It’s tiring to walk around feeling like I always have an extra person attached to my body. This is getting uncomfortable.

If you feel like me, take some advice from a novice. There’s no need to try too hard when you’re just starting out on your fitness agenda. Do some exercise. If you have time, take a good walk every day. Even if that walk is only for fifteen or twenty minutes, it’s still giving you a fitness benefit. You can think about joining a gym and taking advantage of a Manchester thai massage while you’re there.

When it’s time to eat, try to put less food on that plate. Also, give up some of those fattening snacks during the day and in the evening. Try snacking on rice cakes, pretzels and fruits instead of potato chips and soft drinks. After some time, you can accomplish even greater things.